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Kris Holland is a husband, father, and furniture maker based in Corvallis, Oregon. He creates handmade heirloom-quality furniture and homewares, working collaboratively with clients, interior designers, and architects from Corvallis to Portland, Eugene, and well beyond. 

We focus our efforts on a carefully considered design aesthetic and quality craftsmanship. We strive to build fine furniture that excels in form and function with each piece. The creative process is our driving force and we take pride in work well done.   

The wood going into your furniture is held in high regard. Trees are some of the most majestic and beautiful beings on our planet. Our workshop cares deeply about the environment and the materials we use. Priority is given to domestic hardwoods including walnut, maple, cherry, and oak (among others) from sustainably managed certified sources and local suppliers. It is important to us that the wood going into our furniture comes from ethical sources and hope you feel the same.

If something in the above philosophy resonates with you, we hope you will contact us to get a conversation started about your custom furniture.